Man who doesn’t watch Strictly because ‘dancing is for gays’ furious as show includes first ever all-male same-sex pairing

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A man who refuses to watch Strictly Come Dancing on tv because ‘dancing is just for girls and gays’ is furious this morning as the people continue to laud the show’s first-ever same-sex all-male couple.

Simon Williams, who insists he is not a homophobe, told us “This is a disgrace if you ask me, political correctness has gone absolutely mad.

“I mean I don’t watch the show myself, it’s just for women really, and the gays who all like dancing and sparkly clothes, obviously. It’s not my cup of tea at all.

“But when they announced that there was going to be a couple of men paired up to compete, for the whole series, I went mad. It’s just not on. This is on prime time TV watched by millions of people, including kids!

“And now they want to show two men dancing together as some sort of couple? People don’t want to see that, they want to see a man and a woman gliding across the dancefloor clutched together in an emotional Viennese waltz before feeling the electricity through their entire body as they are transfixed by the beauty of an erotic rhumba – or so I hear, if you’re gay that is – not me.

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“I just hope the BBC see some sense before this whole thing goes any further and get some proper couples back on the show, like that Schofield guy off this morning or that funny comedian guy with the teeth, otherwise I won’t be watching another single fucking episode.

“I mean my wife won’t.”