Tuesday 3 August 2021 by Davywavy

Local Donkey Sanctuary really hoping Nigel Farage finds photo of immigrants riding a donkey

Donkey Sanctuary Nigel Farage

A local donkey sanctuary is today posting photos of immigrants travelling by donkey across social media in the hope Nigel Farage will say something awful about the animals, leading to a huge increase in the charitable donations coming their way.

After the RNLI announced a 3000% increase in donations following criticism from Nigel Farage for rescuing migrants crossing the channel, the struggling donkey sanctuary insisted it would ‘like a piece of that action, please’.

A spokesperson for the donkey sanctuary told us, “Under normal circumstances, being criticised by the pound shop Enoch Powell is something we’d rather avoid, but clearly in today’s environment, his criticism is actually worth its weight in gold.

“It seems the country feels very strongly that Nigel Farage is a twat, and that the things he criticises are worth supporting financially. Thousands of people appear willing to dip into their pockets to prove as much.

“So yes, right now we would LOVE Nigel to see a photo of a migrant travelling to the UK by donkey – it would be like winning the lottery.”

Others have backed the plan, and even offered their services in making it a reality.

“We can give donkey rides to immigrants if that would help kick him off?” said donkey enthusiast Simon Williams.

“Just please don’t call me donkey enthusiast, it makes me sound like a pervert.”

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