Tuesday 3 August 2021 by Neil Tollfree

“It’s just really surreal” says winner of Olympic gold medal in clock-melting

soft clocks

The winner of the gold medal in the new Olympic clock-melting has spoken of how surreal the whole situation is.

“It’s so surreal, I can’t believe it,” said Simon Williams, a minor royal from Chelmsford who melts clocks competitively in his spare time.

“As the event finished, I looked back and saw all these melted clocks hanging over leafless branches and wooden boxes and, well, I couldn’t believe it, the whole situation was completely surreal.”

A judged event, clock-melting has proved hugely popular in recent years since it was first introduced in 1992. The competitors have three minutes to melt clocks and arrange them in an interesting and dramatic scene using a variety of props.

Simon’s scene included beautifully melted clocks and included props such as ants eating some fruit and a distorted face.

His family, unable to travel to the games, watched in the early hours from their house in Chelmsford.

Speaking of Simon’s win, his delighted mum exclaimed, “It’s so surreal, the clocks melting and the ants and everything. The whole thing is just completely surreal.”

Mr Williams sentiments were echoed by Eleanor Gay, who’d earlier won silver in the Slicing-an-eyeball-with-a-razor-blade finals.

“It’s just surreal, really, it really is,” she said.

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