Tokyo 2020 competitor forced to run final in underpants after forgetting kit

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An Olympic athlete has been made to run their race in their vest and underpants after forgetting to bring their kit in.

Simon Williams, who is representing Great Britain in the Steeplechase event in this year’s Olympic games, was spotted taking part wearing nothing apart from his Y-fronts, and his bare feet.

Striding along in his underpants, his pale thighs gleaming proudly in the sun, Mr Williams stood out from the other athletes during the event, which sees contenders run from the changing rooms out across the rugby field, complete two laps around the track while jumping over things, then go round the back of the car park and then return to the finish line back at the changing rooms.

“That’s the rules, I’m afraid, there’s nothing I can do about it,” a spokesperson for the International Olympic Committee told us.

“If you forget to bring in your kit then you can’t just duck out of the event altogether – you have to be taught a lesson.

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“This way I’m sure that at the next Olympics he’ll pack his kit properly the night before the event so there’s no risk of this happening again.”

According to reports, the IOC are investigating some of the other competitors who took part in the steeplechase event, following speculation that some may have stopped on the bit round the back of the car park for a cheeky cigarette.