Piers Corbyn emerges as both the worst Piers and the worst Corbyn despite stiff competition

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Piers Corbyn has managed the impressive feat of being both the worst Piers and the worst Corbyn in Britain despite stiff competition, it has emerged.

As his dearly held beliefs melted away before an envelope full of fake banknotes, Piers Corbyn clearly took the lead as the country’s front running example of not one but two people with the same name as him.

He combines the basic characteristics of the Piers, who is a loudmouth with nothing standing between the basic impulses of the Freudian Id and what he says, and the Corbyn, who never saw a conspiracy theory he didn’t like and is utterly convinced of his own self-righteousness in one package.

It’s like The Fly, where an easily bamboozled old boob who’ll believe anything bad you tell him about the government without question is combined with a money-grubbing gobshite in a teleporter accident.

All we have to do now is discover his middle name is Nigel and we’ll have the perfect trifecta.

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