Matt Damon bravely stopped using racist slur after his white yoga instructor expressed mild discomfort

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Matt Damn, star of Good Will Hunting, has vowed never to use the N-word again after his yoga instructor advised that there are better ways of expressing yourself.

Matt said, “It’s been part of my daily vocabulary since I started in this business, ‘N-word’ this and ‘f-word’ that. I thought they were forms of endearment.

“I’ve only ever had positive feedback, all my black friends, and believe me I have many, love it. I didn’t even realise it could be seen as offensive in certain contexts, as I never read the news and I live in a bunker with other white, straight, men.

“But last month during my morning Yoga session my instructor, Storm, raised an eyebrow when I used it as a greeting. She left the room and wrote a very long, beautiful treatise on how that word is dangerous. I said, ‘I retire the n-slur!’ I understood.

“Storm is the real hero of this story. Now if I want to make a joke I just ask her what she’s doing out of the kitchen.

“How we laugh.”