Manchester City table £100m offer for Aston Villa’s history

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Premier League champions Manchester City have offered an estimated £100m for Aston Villa’s history.

It would see The Citizens double their league title count to 14, as well as add another 12 League and FA Cups. But most importantly, City would be retrospectively crowned European Champions in 1982, for the only time in their history.

City coach Pep Guardiola declared, “If the bid is accepted, it will be a proud moment for myself and the club. We’ve longed for European title success ever since I heard about Manchester City in 2016.

“Our amazing owners have quite literally shed blood, sweat and tears for the cause since 2008. Together we have built this team of nobodies on a shoe-string budget and captured the heart of the nation.”

Man City fan, Noel Carragher said, “Pep’s a genius, there’s just nobody like him. Managers try to buy players from other clubs, what does Pep do? He buys histories instead. The bloke’s a true visionary.”

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Guardiola finally added, “They did flog us Fabian Delph in 2015, so it’s the least they can do really. If it’s rejected, then double it. Fuck it, triple it.

“At the end of the day, I haven’t wasted five years of my life living in Salford to come here and not add the European Cup to the Manchester City history books.”