New Highway Code rules ‘could see cyclists lording it over drivers in further brazen attempts not to be run over’

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New Highway Code changes to help increase the safety of cyclists and pedestrians could lead to situations where cyclists are flagrantly using their newfound powers to avoid being run over, according to reports this morning.

The new ‘hierarchy of road users’ puts more responsibility for road safety on more dangerous modes of transport, which drivers insist will only further embolden cyclists in their never-ending quest to avoid being squashed by a metal box weighing over a tonne.

Driver Simon Williams told us, “Oh Christ, as if cyclists weren’t the smuggest road users already, now these new rules will mean they will have even more reason to go on and on about not being killed on the roads.

“Barely a week goes by without angry cyclists complaining about me not giving them enough room, or cutting them up, or not seeing them when I pulled out at the junction – do we really want more of that whinging?

“Has anyone really thought this through? This will just lead to more and more cyclists loudly complaining about cars endangering them – and don’t we have enough of that already?  If anything, we should be taking away rights from cyclists – the fewer rights they have, the less reason they’d have to complain about my driving.

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“I think I speak for all road users when I say we’ve had quite enough already of selfish cyclists insisting we try to do more not to kill them.

“If they want to be safer on the roads, they should buy an Audi like I did.”