Friday 30 July 2021 by Mark Molloy

Britain wins historic Olympic gold in ‘Riding a Raleigh Chopper up a hill’

olympic chopper race

Britain has won a historic gold medal in the Olympics last night at managing to ride a Raliegh Chopper up an actual hill unaided.

With news of more medals for Team GB overnight, this time in BMX racing, further news emerged earlier of yet another gold medal for the team after chopper rider Simon Williams managed to somehow pick up a chopper and ride it up a hill on his own.

Speaking earlier he told us “That was tough, I don’t know how I did it.

“Everyone knows how heavy the old Raleigh chopper actually is, so to even be able to pick it up and get in it at the start of the event takes almost all your energy.

“So I really had to dig in there to get the thing moving given that it weighs the equivalent of a second world war tank.

“But once I was moving on the flat I just tried to build up some speed and somehow keep it moving slowly up the hill.”

Asked how many other entrants there were in the event he told us, “Just me in the end.

“They will only actually allow one chopper in the country at a time for safety reasons”

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