British Navy accused of acting as a ‘Taxi Service for Nazis’ after it emerges they rescued German sailors during World War 2

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Online firebrands have launched a scathing critique of the Royal Navy after it emerged it regularly rescued German mariners from the sea and shipped them back to Britain during World War 2.

The Navy is accused of assisting members of the Kriegsmarine, who were attempting to enter Britain illegally at the time, in gaining access to the British mainland and introducing their ideas to several political parties and the comments section of the Daily Mail.

Keyboard warriors have expressed outrage at the move, instead suggesting from the comfort of their armchairs that stricken sailors should have been pointed in the direction of France and told to swim for it.

“I remember the day we sank the Bismark,” AB Simon Williams RN (Rtd) told us.

“It was hell. The sea was slick with burning oil and men were screaming in the water. The stink and heat and fear were unbelievable.

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“Of course we’d have just left them there to drown or cook if it weren’t for our woke agenda to undermine the British way of life by bringing undesirable foreigners to our shores.

“As it was, we pulled 110 of them out of the water and shipped them back to Britain to sponge off our benefits system in a cushy camp at taxpayers expense for the rest of the war.”

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