Friday 23 July 2021 by Mark Molloy

‘I’m not a liar’ lies Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson liar

Boris Johnson has insisted today that he is not a liar in any way shape or form, which is of course a lie, thus proving that he is a liar.

Following the removal of Labour MP Dawn Butler from Parliament yesterday for pointing out the fact that Boris Johnson is indeed a liar, the Prime Minister has defending himself this morning by lying that he is not a liar.

Telling lies earlier he told us, “I’m not a liar actually, so there.

“I mean granted that’s actually a lie in itself because everyone knows that I am, but what I mean is that I don’t always lie, all the time.

“So you can’t just say I am a liar per se, I just don’t tell the truth on lots of occasions and that’s different to actually telling lies.

“And lots of the lies I say are also written down and therefore I didn’t say them, I just wrote them down, for other people to say or to read, so I’m not actually telling lies again”

“Apart from when I read them out in Parliament, but then I’m not lying, I’m just reading out words, so I can’t be blamed for that.”

Asked when the last time he actually told the truth he revealed, “Yesterday.

“Actually that’s a lie, I think it was a few months ago now when I said Matt Hancock was useless”

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