Footballers should only benefit commercially from being arseholes, says absolute moron

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Marcus Rashford should not benefit commercially or in any way whatsoever from being a caring, kind and genuine person says a complete moron today.

Derek Williams, who learned that The Spectator Magazine was to run a story on the footballer, saying he may have also benefitted commercially while running a campaign for the millions of hungry children who needed feeding, has insisted today that he should not get any benefits whatsoever from doing something good.

Speaking earlier he told us “It’s an absolute disgrace.

“He should have all his sponsorship deals stripped from him immediately until he stops helping children in poverty and giving disadvantaged children books to read.

“These large companies should be ashamed of themselves, wanting to associate themselves with a compassionate and caring individual who challenges the government to care for children in poverty.

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“And also happens to play for Manchester United and England.

“This footballer should return any extra sponsorship money he has personally been given as a result of being a role model to millions of children across the world.

“And if he wants to earn any extra money from sponsorship outside of football, he should behave like an absolute twat, for some reason, which doesn’t make sense now that I say it out loud.”

Asked if he knows how much Marcus Rashford donated to charity and raised for disadvantaged children in the UK during the last two years, compared to his own net wealth, he told us, “No, but I bet it’s not much…. Selfish twat.”

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