Tuesday 20 July 2021 by Lucas Wilde

Man instantly loses 138 Facebook friends after posting “I am who I am, don’t like it? Leave”

Man facebook update

A man has hideously overestimated his own magnetism.

Simon Williams, 27, is an outspoken “character” who “tells it like it is”, “doesn’t sugarcoat anything” and a host of other red flags.

However, an invitation for his friends to “leave if they can’t lump it” has backfired horrendously.

“The implication that I will be this way forever seems to have driven away a huge swathe of my friends,” confirmed Williams.

“I thought that my status of ‘I am who I am, lump it or leave it’ would come across as an affirming sign of personal confidence, not an actual invitation to leave me alone forever.

“What did I do? I guess I’m just too strong a personality for some people.”

Hayley Rice, one of Simon’s former friends, said, “Actually it was more the casual racism, the ill-thought-out conspiracy theories, the constant copy-paste statuses ending with ‘I bet you won’t share this’ and the generally ill-founded smart-arsery of the man in general.

“I had hoped it was a passing phase that Simon would grow out of as he WAS quite nice when I knew him in college, but he’s now informed us all that this is who he is and if we don’t like it then we should leave.

“I didn’t like it, so I left.”

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