Woman who wants to kick people out of the country kicked out of yet another country

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Katie Hopkins, the moron-herding harridan who has made a career out of calling for migrants to be kicked out of the country, has today been kicked out of yet another country.

Hopkins, who was in Australia to take part in the antipodean version of Big Brother, allegedly broke covid related protocols because she believes her opinions are more important than the laws of the country in which she resides.

An Australian spokesperson told us, “We are open to visitors, and we are welcoming country, but only to those who value our laws and our way of life. If you’re going to come here and break the law, or look to circumvent the systems we have in place to keep everyone safe, then we will have no choice but to kick you out on your arse.

“To put it simply, if you can’t abide by our laws, then you should leave our country.”

Meanwhile chief spokeslizard for Hopkins, Simon Williams told us, “Katie just wants to live in a world where migrants and visitors can be kicked out of the UK if they don’t conform to the laws and the way of life in our country.

“And she feels the best way to illustrate that belief is by visiting other countries and not abiding by their laws, and sharing on social media when she is flouting those laws.

“She’s been kicked out of two countries now, and if that doesn’t prove that the UK has a soft-touch approach to immigration, then nothing will.”