Ozzy Osbourne to release ‘No More Tiers’ to celebrate the end of lockdown

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As various lockdown and tier restrictions are lifted across the UK, Ozzy Osbourne is to release ‘No more tiers’ in recognition of the event.

The veteran rocker, who has spent the last year and a half staying inside and taking drugs much like the preceding fifty years, recorded the track to mark the occasion in the five minutes he wasn’t tripping balls.

I missed on the news because I was getting high
The country in lockdown in the blink of an eye
A year of zoom calls which I will never get back
Saving the NHS from another attack
The government told you that you’re not supposed to talk to strangers
Put on a mask, tell me, do you think you life’s in danger, yeah?
No more tiers

A year of isolation and hand scrubbing
As midnight passes I’m off out clubbing
I see a man on the corner waiting, is he infectious?
I’m gonna get wasted and arrested like that time in Texas

No more tiers

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It’s just tiers one to four and back
Going forward then reverse
Still, he who coughed last
Gets pinged from the app

So now that it’s over, can we just go outside now?
I’d like to move on and make the most of my life
Take off my mask before I go through the door
Thank God that’s over, I couldn’t take that much more
I never wanted it to end this way, with me being sober
Believe me when I say to you it will be back in October

No more tiers