GB News audience plummets after footage emerges of Andrew Neil being polite to a Muslim

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The fledgling “anti-woke” TV channel GB News saw its viewer numbers vanish to nearly nothing after a video surfaced showing Andrew Neil being moderately courteous to a headscarved waitress when having lunch at the Marrakesh restaurant in London.

Despite several tweets from the channel explaining that it did not condone minimal civility towards Muslims, several devoted fans explained that the incident had shaken their faith in what they once hoped would be a 24-7 barrage of hatred and prejudice.

One such fan, retired roofer and darts aficionado, Simon Williams, said that he felt personally betrayed after seeing the channel’s founder giving an awkward smile and a nod when being served his lamb tagine.

He told us, “It just felt like such a stab in the back. Finally, we had a news channel that would not give any actual news but only commentary based on old-fashioned common sense without any of that boring knowledge like the British Bolshevik Corporation.

“But then to see Andrew just casually order mint tea from a woman who’s trying to destroy the English way of life by wearing what she feels like, well, it just gutted me. It’s worse than when Gascoigne retired.

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“Also, it happened when we were already suffering. A lot of us GB News fans were feeling really low after the Euros and a lot of us had our social media accounts deleted because of some banter and anyway an orang-utan is not even a monkey so it’s Twitter that is racist if you think about it.”

When asked to comment about his channel’s ratings, Mr Neil pretended to be a Provencal lavender farmer who had never heard of “theez jeebee nious you crazy Eengleesh speak about.”