Anti-cancel culture channel cancels presenter after GB News audience decides ‘cancelling things is fun’

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GB News has withdrawn presenter Guto Harri from all on-screen duties after the remaining few viewers of the fledgling channel proved themselves to be enormous snowflakes who want to cancel everything they disagree with.

Guto Harri was criticised by viewers of the pro-free speech channel for taking the knee to illustrate his solidarity with those protesting against racism, and doing so just a few hours after three England footballers were subject to hundreds and hundreds of racist messages online.

GB News viewers in their hundreds declared a boycott of the channel for allowing someone to take the knee on air, and despite the channel insisting is against racism, it has now said the move broke their editorial guidelines, and removed Harri from duty.

“It’s too little too late,” said Derek Matthews, who has been responsible for 7% of all viewing time on GB News since launch.

“If I wanted to watch a balanced and nuanced discussion over the knee and the impact of racism in football, I’d watch a proper news channel.  I watch GB News to have my prejudices pandered to and my biases confirmed.

“I’m furious that Harri was not immediately frog-marched out of the building for being a secret Marxist, and I don’t care if he has worked for right-wing politicians and media outlets his entire career – this was clearly his long game.

“As such, I can no longer support the channel. They are dead to me.”

Meanwhile, non-simpletons have insisted the entire episode is probably the funniest thing on TV in 2021 so far.

Television owner Simon Williams told us, “I thought nothing would make me laugh quite like watching Mike Wozniak try to squeeze out a fart on Taskmaster, but GB News this week has definitely topped it.

“When I heard about all these people who claim to hate ‘cancel culture’ writing in to demand Harri was removed from their air, a little bit of wee came out.

“Obviously they’ll never be self-aware enough to spot their hypocrisy, bigots rarely are, but I’m happy enough laughing at them from afar, just like everyone else.”