Starbucks Caramel Frappe to cost £3,000 as new sugar tax unveiled

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A Venti Caramel Frappe from Starbucks could cost up to £3,000 it has been revealed today, as details of a new potential ‘sugar tax’ is unveiled for sales of food and drinks in the UK.

With obesity still a major factor in the UK’s death rate and NHS admissions, a report looking at ways to address the issue has recommended both sugar and salt should be taxed to support better diets among the poorest, meaning Starbucks caramel frappes could cost the same price as a small family car from next year.

A spokesperson from the Food Standards Agency revealed “Yes, Stabucks frappes are going to cost more if sugar is taxed that’s for sure.

“Probably in the region of £3,000 for a Venti I’m afraid once you take into account the actual amount of sugar that is found in just one of their drinks.”

“Obviously there could be options for them to reduce the cost of the product, for example if they were to reduce the amount of sugar in the drink, so the amount of sugar went down from say ‘almost all of it’ to ‘only some of it’ – but we would still expect a large one to cost approximately 3 weeks wages regardless.”

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Asked if any other items may see similar hikes in their prices we were told “Yes, Innocent Smoothies will be £1,450 for a small 150ml bottle and a can of Monster will cost £900, which isn’t too different to now actually.”