Wednesday 14 July 2021 by Arabin Patson

Black Britons jubilant after white Daily Mail columnists kindly tell them how to react to racism

Man happy for Daily Mail columnists

BAME people all over the nation have been celebrating following the decision of several posh white media types to explain the various ways black people can protest racism with nice, non-confrontational methods that don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable.

In Bristol, Jamaican-born Simon Williams interrupted his passionate dance of gratitude so he could express his deepest thanks to middle-aged pasty men in the press and in politics who told him how he should respond when discriminated against, or abused by racists.

He told us, “Most of my life, I’ve been flailing about trying to find my own ways to assert my dignity as a human in the face of repugnant hatred. But it’s always been so difficult as my other priority in life is not to disturb right-wing retired suburbanites who think they’re civil rights heroes because they went to a Lenny Henry show in 1988.

“But now, thanks to people who have been condemning BLM and vocal black people for years, I can see how all I need to do the next time drunk yobs hurl racial slurs at me, is write a letter to the editor. I’ve been freed from my own blindness.”

Although they were not taking questions on their brilliant initiatives to instruct black people about anti-racist activism, several social media posts from fonts of wisdom such as Daily Mail columnist Andrew Hodges were still online for all to marvel at.

He wrote, “Why not form a choir and insert No To Racism in the lyrics of family favourites? Or perhaps a Diversity Day in the park with traditional English fun like a Maypole and Morris Dancers wearing the customary face….. ah.

“Just the Maypole then.”

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