Anonymous online racists who cannot be traced to be banned from attending football matches

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Anonymous online racists, who choose to spew their vile and disgusting abuse with a series of made-up Twitter accounts using false and untraceable details are to be banned from attending football matches the Prime Minister has revealed.

Speaking today, following the sad but predictable abuse suffered by a number of black players following Sunday’s defeat against Italy, Boris Johnson assured the nation that firm action will be taken against people who commit such offences, as long as they give their real names, obviously.

“This should make them stop,” he revealed earlier.

“Anyone committing online racist abuse, under a completely false name, without a profile picture, and on an account he has just set up, with a hastily set up Hotmail account will be BANNED from attending matches.

“This also includes people posting messages on fake Facebook and Instagram accounts, anonymously through the post, defacing murals in the middle of the night and sending emails from a made-up accounts.

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“These bans will be stringently enforced by match stewards at turnstiles up and down the country who will be given a detailed list of thousands of fake names to look out for when looking at people’s faces as they enter the ground on a Saturday.”

Asked if he is worried about the potential ban from games online racist ‘S!M0n W1ll!am5’, who wouldn’t reveal his real name, told us “I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I THINK I might just be able to sneak in.”