‘England lost final because of all that kneeling’, insists man who spent last night racially abusing Rashford, Sancho and Saka

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England lost the final of the European Championships on penalties because of all the virtue signalling and kneeling, according to a ‘fan’ who just spent twenty minutes racially abusing Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka.

After all three missed a penalty in the shootout after extra time, those people racially abusing the trio online have decided they ‘deserve it’, especially after a summer spent kneeling before games.

“I hated all that kneeling because it felt like they were attacking me personally,” explained England ‘fan’ Simon Williams.

“So it was no surprise to see that the players who missed a penalty were those three. If they hadn’t been kneeling before games to highlight the racist abuse received by people across society then I probably wouldn’t be sat here at a computer writing lengthy diatribes about them, the colour of their skin, and which country they ‘should’ have been playing for.

“I just hope the messages I’ve posted online get through to them and they stop all this kneeling rubbish so I can start feeling a bit better about myself and my life choices before each match I watch.”

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Meanwhile, non-morons have pointed out that the racist abuse received by those three black players after last night’s game is actually a perfect illustration of why kneeling before matches is still necessary, a point refuted by Williams.

He went on, “No, the kneeling was about Marxism, not racism, whereas I’m using the colour of their skin in my insults because my brain has limited cognitive ability and this is the only way I know how to process my disappointment. It’s completely different.

“It’s like Priti Patel said, if we want to racially abuse England players, then we should feel free to do so. She speaks a lot of sense, you know, for one of the brown ones.”