“What bombers?” – The brave true story of the WWII ‘anti-Blitzers’ who stood up to Government bombing hoax

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During 1940 and 1941, huge numbers of British people complied with Government blackout orders to protect themselves from the so-called ‘Blitz’.

However, there was a plucky group of free-thinkers who’d done their own research who realised that the blitz was a hoax perpetrated by the Government to make people turn their lights off.

“You just have to look up into the sky, there are no bombers up there,” explained prominent anti-blitzer Simon Williams in an archival interview.

The interviewer points out that the bombing raids only happen at night.

“Well, that’s what the Government would say, isn’t it? The bombers ‘only come at night’? When you can’t see them? How very convenient. You need to wake up. It’s a hoax!”

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Mr Williams then pledges that he will no longer be complying with the blackout orders and turning out his lights at night.

“If you think that turning out your lights and night makes you safer, then that’s your choice. But I know my rights. If I want to keep my lights on and my curtains open, I will.

“You can all go right ahead with your window nappies. As in ‘nappies’ because you’re all babies.”

The interviewer then points out that by keeping his lights on, Mr Williams is endangering not just himself, but his neighbours as well.

Williams countered, “Only if you believe in this blitz. Look, even if there is a blitz, it’s not as bad as everyone makes out. Bombs aren’t that bad, they just knock down the occasional wall. But they’re the sort of walls that would have fallen down anyway.”

The interviewer then asks what advantage the government would gain from making people turn their lights out at night, to which an enigmatic Mr Williams replies simply – “control”.

Shortly after the interview, Mr Williams began distributing a pamphlet telling the truth about the blitz, which gained traction amongst people who really don’t like having to turn their lights out at night, and a small movement of ‘anti-blitzers’ emerged.

Sadly, despite their bravery and commitment to fighting the Government bombing hoax, they all died in a German bomb-strike within days.