Man who graduated from the University of Life actually scraped through with a third

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A Middlesbrough man who openly brags about being a graduate from the University of Life has failed to mention that he has not got his life together whatsoever, having scraped through a third.

Divorcee Simon Williams, whose poor life choices have led to him not having access to his kids, did not receive the required qualifications to attend a real university but is still very keen to let people know at every opportunity that it didn’t hold him back one bit.

Neighbour Martin Wilson said, “I’ve never known him to hold down a job.

“I was speaking to his ex-wife and she told me Simon was going to move back in with his parents soon.”

Mr Smith spends the majority of his spare time – of which he has a lot of – falling for fake news online while also trying to seek access to his children.

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Reporters spoke to Simon’s ex-wife, Carla, who told us, “I saw him share a post about being from the School of Hard Knocks. If that was an actual school, he would have dropped out after two weeks. And don’t even get me started on that University of Life rubbish.”

When approached by reporters, Mr Williams failed to show us his degree from the University of Life nor could he tell us which subject he read.