‘Keep politics out of sport’ insists man who ‘Liked’ every photo of Boris Johnson in an England shirt

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A man is today insisting that kneeling before football matches should end because we need to keep politics out of sport, despite spending a good proportion of yesterday clicking ‘Like’ photos of politicians trying to involve themselves in sport.

Simon Williams, 45, is an avid booer of the knee and staunch believer that Raheem Sterling is trying to indoctrinate our nation’s children into the Marxist ideology.  He told us, “It has to stop, sport has no place for politics, and politics has no place in sport. Keep them completely separate.

“I have been 100% consistent in my view on this, and the booing will stop the very moment these sports people stop triyng to force their political ideology down our throats.”

However, it was pointed out to Williams that his social feeds appear to show a series of ‘Likes’ of photos of politicians wearing sports kits, and attempting ingratiating themselves to sports fans.

“Well, that’s different, isn’t it,” he told us.

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“I don’t like the Marxist ideology – well, the Marxist ideology I have a picture of in my head, anyway – but I actually quite like Boris Johnson and Priti Patel, so it makes perfect sense that I would boo the knee, and like Boris in an England shirt.

“No, when I said keep politics out of sport, I meant by the sportspeople. They shouldn’t try to involve themselves in political debates, whereas politicians should feel free to involve themselves in sporting events.

“Unless they’re Marxists, then they should be banned.”

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