Daily Mail readers furious as ‘utterly selfish’ Raheem Sterling doesn’t give his England shirt to a fan

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A Daily Mail reader has been left furious today after selfish black player Raheem Sterling DIDN’T give his shirt to an England fan in the crowd.

Derek Williams, who isn’t a racist, vented his fury earlier today after seeing pictures on social media, about 500 times every hour, of Mason Mount handing his shirt to a fan.

Speaking earlier he raged, “Typical Sterling, selfish to the end. He should be dropped for that.

“I saw all the pictures of that lovely man Mason Mount, who just happens to be white, handing his shirt to a young girl, which just goes to show what a horrible human being Raheem Sterling really is.

“It’s disgraceful, he should be ashamed of himself. I wouldn’t have had him in the team in the first place, but then he goes and does this, and to vulnerable children in the crowd.

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“NOT giving anyone his shirt, and just keeping it for himself, it’s just shocking. It just shows the type of selfish person he is.

“I’m not condoning all the abuse he gets on social media of anything, but I hope he gets a lot of abuse on social media for this, and that Gareth Southgate takes serious action.”

Asked if he saw any of the other England players handing their shirts to fans after the game, he told us, “Actually, now that you mention it, Kyle Walker didn’t either, or Saka, or Rashford…”

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