‘It is time to take personal responsibility’ insists man who has abandoned two wives and an unknown number of children

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Boris Johnson has announced an end to lockdown measures and insisted it is time for people to take ‘personal responsibility’ for their actions, because that’s precisely the sort of thing you’ll find if you take a cursory look at his personal history.

Johnson told reporters and viewers that July 19th would see an end to government-mandated mask-wearing and social distancing, but that people are free to exercise their personal responsibility in deciding whether to wear a mask in certain situations.

Voter Simon Williams told us, “Well, that’s very nice of him. Personal responsibility is obviously a big part of Johnson’s core values – what with all the ex-wives and children he’s left in his wake. Being lectured on personal responsibility by Boris Johnson is like being lectured on the do’s and don’ts of high-profile networking by Prince Andrew.

“I get it, he is desperate to avoid taking the blame for anything bad that happens after the 19th July, but honestly, allowing the nation to apply its own personal best judgement is never, ever a good idea.

“Just picture the average member of the public, just picture them. Now, remember that half of the country is dumber than that.

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“I guess we’ll find out just how dumb the country is when Boris tries to avoid any criticism when we know the consequences of letting people do whatever the fuck they want while cases are doubling every nine days.

“My guess is pretty fucking dumb.”

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