England Fan always knew we’d win

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An England fan was completely confident that England would beat Germany and really didn’t know what everyone was worried about.

“It was not starting Grealish that was the key. Always said that we shouldn’t Grealish,” explained Simon Williams, who understands football.

“As soon as I saw that Southgate hadn’t started Grealish, I knew we’d be alright. Play it safe for a while, make sure you don’t concede and then bring on the creative players towards the end. It’s what I always say. I’ve always said that.

“Everyone was worried, but you know, not me. I was always confident. I knew we’d do it.”

Mr Williams made it clear that even though he appeared agitated during the first half of the match, he wasn’t worried.

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“Look, I may have called Southgate a clueless loser whose only talent is to wear a waistcoat, but that, well, that was all mind games wasn’t it? I was just playing mind games. It’s all about mind games at this level.

“And yes, I may have jumped out of my seat when Muller had that shot. But I just had a cramp in my leg. Wasn’t worried for a minute.

“The Germans? Not all that anymore, are they?”

Mr Williams offered his prediction for the next round.

“Probably go out on penalties. We’re just not attacking enough.”