Dominic Cummings Tweet or Aphex Twin song title?

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Can you tell whether you’re reading a tweet from disgraced, not-bitter former political advisor and eye-test pioneer Dominic Cummings or the Aphex Twin’s discography?

Why not test yourself?

Some of these are Aphex Twin song titles, some are quotes from Dom’s tweets. Which are which?

  1. CHEETA1b ms800
  2. 1954 Alchian @ RAND
  3. Arched Maid via RDJ
  4. SoS/spads
  5. NEOTEKT72
  6. MPs a/ ‘no PPE
  7. Petiatil Cx Htdui
  9. fz pseudotimestretch+e+3
  10. OPTIMAL single peak
  11. X AE A-XII


  1. Aphex Twin, from 2016’s Cheetah
  2. Dominic Cummings, from a 28 June tweet in which he discusses the hydrogen bomb, because he’s a deep thinker who’s always considering the big topics.
  3. Aphex Twin, from 1995’s Hangable Auto Bulb EP.2.
  4. Dominic Cummings, from a June 26 tweet in which, needless to say, he was right all along.
  5. Aphex Twin, from 2015’s Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006–08.
  6. Dominic Cummings, from a June 16 tweet that proves conclusively that it was all Matt Hancock’s fault.
  7. Aphex Twin, from 2001’s Druqs.
  8. Dominic Cummings, from a June 9th tweet in which he acted urgently and saved lives, I bet the Aphex Twin never acted urgently and saved lives.
  9. Aphex Twin, from 2014’s Syro.
  10. Dominic Cummings, from a May 23rd tweet in which he goes on about something or other.
  11. Neither, it’s Elon Musk’s son’s name, but if the Aphex Twin is looking for a song title, or if Dom’s looking for something sciencey to pad out a tweet, they could both do worse.

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