‘If you think last night was exciting, I’m only starting 8 defensive players today’ confirms swashbuckling Southgate

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England manager Gareth Southgate has revealed today that the excitement is set to continue in the European Championships and that we have seen nothing yet as he plans to start with only EIGHT defensive players in tonight’s crucial last 16 match against Germany.

With yesterday’s games providing the most thrilling day of the tournament so far, Southgate has confirmed there will be more of the same later, but even more exciting as he looks to play with two, or maybe even three, attack-minded payers.

Speaking earlier he revealed, “You thought that was exciting last night? Wait till you see what I have planned for the nation this evening.

“Look, I’m not going give the team away, but it’s safe to say that there might be another attacking player on the pitch as well as Harry Kane, because I think you can definitely class Jordan Henderson as an attacking.

“There could possibly even be two or three more attacking players in the second half actually when we need to come from behind and somehow score a goal. I plan to give Jack Grealish at least six minutes to weave some magic from the bench.

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“Oh yes, I am going for it later, BIG time. This is going to be pretty damn exciting. We could even see up to TWO goals in whole game so hold on to your hats guys.”

Asked what score he thinks the game will actually end he told us, “If I was a betting man I’d go for 2-1 Germany, because we will be piling on the pressure on in the last 10 minutes to get that consolation goal.”