Homeworker, fuming after receiving invite for online Teams meeting, at 4:30pm… TODAY

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A homeworker is completely shocked and angry this morning after just receiving an invite to an online Teams meeting for work, at 4:30pm, TODAY, of all fucking days.

Simon Williams, who has no intention of doing anything at home from 3pm onwards and planned to start drinking at noon received the surprise invite earlier whilst hanging up England flags at the front of his house, and sticking some beers in the fridge.

Speaking earlier he revealed, “What the fuck? A meeting? About some work shite. At half-past FOUR? TODAY?

“They have done that on purpose, definitely, absolutely no question about it. Are they seriously expecting us to be working today from 12pm onwards? Let alone half-past bleeding four. Come on.

“I had my day fully planned already. I was going to try to smash all my work in all morning without leaving my desk, then start to get ready for the game.

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“Obviously I’ll have to have a couple of beers before the game, to calm the nerves, probably from about midday onwards so I wasn’t planning an actually talking to anyone after 3pm, because you know, I might sound a bit pissed.

“Then I was getting the TV on to settle down for the build-up, so I could start slagging the team off to all my mates on WhatsApp.

“I’m sorry but I’ll join the stupid meeting if I have to, but my camera will be off, and I won’t be fucking listening.”

Asked why he didn’t just book an early finish, so he could prepare for the game he told us, “I’m working from home man, You don’t use holidays for up for watching TV!”