Serial philanderer refuses to condemn adulterer

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Boris Johnson has insisted he considers the ‘matter closed’ now that Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said sorry for breaking social distance rules while conducting an affair with one of his aides.

Johnson, who has a long track record of adulterous behaviour, shocked absolutely no one by failing to condemn Hancock for doing precisely as he has done throughout his political career.

Political analyst Simon Williams told us, “Anyone expecting to see Boris Johnson roundly condemn his health secretary has either lept from a time machine into the present day from a long-forgotten bygone era in which political misdeeds had consequences, or they have never heard of Boris Johnson.

“I can see no other reason for them expecting to see a public condemnation, short of them simply being a literal moron?

“Everyone has to realise that this is how politics works these days. Members of the government act unlawfully while criticising those tasked with upholding the law, they lie to the public while insisting only they know the truth, they cheat on their spouses while claiming to be the party of family values, they bemoan ‘virtue signalling’ while publicly demonstrating the worst of all vices.

“And yes we, the voting public, love them for it, because we are currently suffering some form of nationwide Stockholm syndrome.

“Of course Boris was never going to fire Matt Hancock for this; or even hold him to account.  How could he?

“I mean, what Matt did is pretty bad, but at least his wife doesn’t have cancer.”

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