“Two World Wars and one World Cup” chirps man who didn’t want politics in football

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A man who previously claimed he didn’t want politics in football is busting out the war metaphors again.

Simon Williams, a 38-year-old England fan, has booed his own players taking the knee ever since the tournament began, even when watching the game at home alone.

Allegedly, this was for no other reason than wanting to keep politics out of football.


“What? Ah give over, this ain’t political.

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“I’m only using cultural differences and historical conflicts between countries that have nothing to do with football to make a football chant. There is nothing political about that.

“Not like that knee nonsense. Political as all hell that was. What have black lives got to do with football?

“Anyway, can’t wait to see Sterling stick it those krauts. It’s gonna be an absolute belter of a game.

“I’m gonna boo all the lads first, obviously, because of the knee thing and the politics they’re bringing into the game, but then I’m going to cheer to the rafters while our brave boys go Dambusters on the Germans.”