Proud and patriotic Brexit supporters excited by new opportunity to pay more for their mobile bills

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Proud Brexit supporters are today hailing the opportunity to pay more for their mobile bills when using them abroad, after years of meddling eurocrats needlessly securing them cheaper mobile rates throughout the EU.

As 02 and EE announced increased roaming charges in Europe, something prevented by EU legislation, proud Brexiters have hailed it as yet another Brexit dividend.

Brexit voter Derek Williams told us, “We knew what we voted for, and when they said roaming charges wouldn’t go up, we knew they were lying, so actually it’s only loser Remainers who are crying about this. I knew it was coming and I’m delighted with it.

“If I wanted some loathsome EU bastard making things more accessible and more affordable for me, I’d have voted for Remain like a big idiot, wouldn’t I?

“Who cares if my phone bill will be more expensive for two weeks out of every year, because I can get Tim Tams now. No, I’ve no idea what they’re actually like, but I could find out if I wanted, that’s the point!

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“As a proud Brexiter I believe in the free markets, and if the free markets mean I have to pay more for the things I was getting much cheaper when we were in the EU, then so be it.

“Yes, I suspect that ‘paying more for things’ was on the other bus.”

Meanwhile, the government has announced that it will publish a full list of the benefits of Brexit on the back of a new commemorative stamp, just as soon as the government can think of something to put on the bottom half.

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