We must protect neglected children by ditching the term ‘white privilege’ insists government that didn’t even want to feed them

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The government has suggested that white children from poorer backgrounds are being neglected because of the term ‘white privilege’, just months after they fought tooth and nail to avoid having to put food in their bellies.

The education select committee found that poorer white children, particularly those who qualify for free school meals, have poorer educational outcomes compared to children from other ethnic groups, insisting that the phrase ‘white privilege’ has played its part in that outcome.

Member of the select committee, Tory MP Simon Williams, explained, “A few years ago when children from ethnic minorities were struggling academically, it was absolutely right that we laid the blame for their poor performance squarely at the feet of their parents and their backgrounds. But this is different. Because it is.

“We have to realise that words can do real harm, and these are words I don’t like so they are definitely to blame here.  You ask any white child from an underprivileged background what is more important to them, to avoid being shackled by the historical context of race relations over the last hundred years, or having some food to eat. I guarantee they will all say “please stop making me feel guilty for being white”.

“The opposition will no doubt engage in political point-scoring while these children suffer, and they’ll pretend poorer kids are worse off today because of a decade of Tory policies that have seen libraries close, widespread austerity, cuts to school support staff, youth services decimated and general schools funding cut to crisis levels.

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“But they’d be wrong.  It’s because people keep talking about woke terms such as white privilege. Obviously.”

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