Not a load of cobblers – Love Island contestants slammed for lack of practical cobbling experience

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They’re sexy, great fun and they look fantastic in their swimsuits, but this year’s Love Island contestants have come in for criticism from cobblers across the country for a disappointing lack of shoe-repair and cobbling knowledge.

“I was really looking forward to this year’s Love Island,” said leading cobbler Simon Williams.

“But then I started looking through the contestants and got more and more concerned. None of them seems to have even the most basic practical knowledge of cobbling.”

Mr Williams went on to explain what impact a lack of cobbling experience could have on the series.

“Well, I mean, I don’t know where to start. The most obvious danger is a broken or wobbly heel, but then there’s resoling work, weatherproofing, strap adjustment, and that’s not even getting started on potential wear and tear leading to holes and stitching failures.

“Without some solid cobbling ability, any number of the contestants could find they have serious footwear problems.”

It’s not the first time Love Island’s lack of cobbling skills has proved controversial. The only cobbling experience in the 2017 series came from Chris Hughes’ two weeks work experience at Timpsons when he was 15.

“That was bad, but this is potentially disastrous,” continued Mr Williams, who has written to ITV in an attempt to secure a pledge that an emergency cobbler will be available on the island for any shoe-repair issues.

He has yet to receive a reply.