Nicola Sturgeon insists Billy Gilmour will miss Scotland tie due to ‘catching Covid from some bloody Manc’

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Scotland hero Billy Gilmour is set to miss tomorrow’s crucial Euro 2020 group match against Croatia after testing positive for Covid, caught from a Manc probably, according to Nicola Sturgeon.

With Scotland desperately needing a win to progress in the tournament, their hopes were dealt a major blow today after Gilmour, who was the man of the match against England, was forced to isolate for 10 days, because of Manchester, the fuckers.

Speaking earlier, a furious Sturgeon revealed, “He caught it off some dirty manc bastard, probably.

“We have no evidence whatsoever to support this, but it’s not exactly rocket science is it?

“The fact remains that a few days ago, young Billy didn’t have Covid, and then as the rates begin to rise in Manchester, suddenly he’s infected.

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“Work it out for yourselves. The horrible dirty manc twats must have somehow infected him.

“That’s why we need to stop all these mancs from coming anywhere near our country, before they start passing the virus on to the rest of our star players.

“Like… erm… Che Adams.”