Monday 21 June 2021 by Mark Molloy

Man enters third hour trying to peel off price label from TK Maxx gift set

frustrated man screaming at not being able to get price label of box

A man has entered a frantic third hour attempting to remove the price label from a gift he bought in TK Maxx for his girlfriend earlier today.

Simon Williams, who bought the gift set this morning as an extra little present for his girlfriend’s birthday, began peeling off the price prior to wrapping the gift, at approximately ten o clock this morning.

Speaking earlier he told us, “I’ve nearly done it, there’s just a little bit left, so I won’t be long. About another hour or so, tops.

“You can just still see a little bit of the price in the corner and part of the bar code just won’t pissing scrape off it’s doing my head in.

“Why the fuck does it not just come off in one piece instead of millions of minuscule parts of the label which appear to be stuck to the box with superglue.

“I hate TK Maxx at the best of times, to be honest, it’s complete pot luck every time you go in the place, and I’ve no idea if it’s actually a good price or not.

“But you know, I managed to find something for once and wanted to just peel off the price label, so she didn’t know it was only £6.99”

Asked what it was he bought her, he looked at the box telling us, “It’s a lovely aftersha… oh fuck, it’s for a bloke! Why was it in with all the girl’s stuff then?”

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