Man overjoyed as kids allow father’s day lie-in until almost 7:10am

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A man is fully refreshed and completely overjoyed this morning after his kids allowed a big long father’s day lie-in, until almost 7:10am.

Simon Williams discovered his amazing treat this morning after checking his bedside clock following a series of loud bangs and screams followed by 15 minutes of shouting and a hoover going next to his head.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Wow. What a great lie-in. I feel like I’ve been asleep for days.

“I normally get up early with the kids, but because it’s father’s day the wife said she’d get up on her own and keep them quiet so I could have a nice lie-in.

“Absolute bliss it was, I went right back to sleep, for almost four minutes until I heard them banging the pissing toilet seat and looking for their shoes.

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“Obviously they then had to run up and down the stairs about 15 times for fuck knows what all morning, and bang about in the kitchen for half an hour just to make a bit of frigging toast.

“Then everyone decided to fall out, because of course they fucking did, and the wife had to shout at everyone, really fucking loud.

“When I heard the hoover going I thought I may as well get up, as I didn’t want to take the piss, and stay in bed all day, and I couldn’t believe how long I’d had it was amazing.

“Ten past bloody seven. Get in.”

Asked what time his wife got up on mother’s day he told us “Midday. I’m like a ninja.”