Uri Geller to use psychic powers to do something in the Euros which he will reveal after it happens

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Uri Geller has revealed that he is going to use his amazing psychic powers once again today, to make something dramatic happen in the Euro’s, that he will tell us just after it has happened, or maybe the next day.

Spoonbender Geller, who hasn’t been able to enjoy a bowl of soup for almost 50 years, revealed the news earlier almost 25 years after he decided he had made the ball move after it had happened in Euro 96.

Speaking earlier he revealed, “Yes, I’m going to use my powers again, which will make someone win, definitely, or perhaps draw the match.

“There is something very supernatural going on here, the fact that it’s EXACTLY 25 years ago – give or take a few days – that England and Scotland played each other when I said I’d moved the ball. That’s no coincidence, the universe has spoken.

“So I’m doing it again. I’m going to make someone win, by giving away a penalty or something, or by making someone score a really good goal, at some point in the tournament.

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“It’s complete and utter mind power, and I think I should be invited on a number of talk shows and other publications, for a generous fee, to tell everyone about it once I’ve revealed what I did.”

Asked if he can give any clues as to what he is going to make happen with his mind he told us, “Just keep your eye on the goalkeepers, that’s all I’m saying, and all of the outfield players as well.”