Britney Spears father agrees one off increase in stars monthly allowance, after spotting nice new Ferrari for father’s day

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Britney Spears father has agreed to a one-off, very substantial increase in his daughter’s monthly allowance it is revealed today, after spotting a very nice new red Ferrari for father’s day.

Jamie Spears, who has been kindly looking after all of the star’s money for the last 13 years, agreed to the extra funds earlier today after test driving the new sports car this morning.

Speaking earlier he told us, “I’ve already bought it.

“It’s the kind of thing I think she would have wanted to buy me anyway, so I’ve just saved her some time and hassle.

“Obviously it’s a little bit expensive so I’ve had to increase her allowance quite a lot this month, but I don’t mind doing that as a one off, I’m that kind of guy.

“As long as she doesn’t get used to it of course, she won’t be getting any extra pocket money like this again for a while that’s for sure, not until my birthday anyway.

“It’s just a really kind gesture and a lovely gift from a daughter to her father to say thanks for being such a great dad.”

Asked if there is any chance of perhaps giving his daughter back control of her money so she can decide what to do with it herself he told us, “No, she’ll just blow it all. It’s best if I just keep hold of it.”