Backlash against trickster trolls as GB News hosts read a moving support letter from Howfu Kingstupidareyou

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The seasoned reporters from Britain’s controversial new entertainment channel, GB News, have found some comfort in large public support, after clever jokers tricked them into reading rude fake names, as evidenced by supportive tweets from ordinary viewers such as Ima Fatracistcuntwhosmells.

Simon Williams, the Audience Interaction manager of the channel hired for his vast experience of hanging around the Spectator Garden parties, explained that vicious jokesters had abused the channel’s teething problems of not knowing what the fuck they were doing.

He explained, “Yes, some say it is embarrassing to be caught out by something so childish that even a ketamine-snorting DJ on the graveyard shift of a campus radio would not be stupid enough to fall for.

“And yes, it is compounded by the fact that we have worse production values than most Overwatch players on Twitch. But ultimately, we hope people accept that we are a new channel that is somehow incapable of using its millions in offshore funding to hire a semi-competent producer and ask them to watch the Simpsons.”

Mr Williams explained that due to GB News’ unique format, the trolling campaign was unlikely to end any time soon.

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He went on, “It’s very easy for media elites like the BBC or Babestation to apply simple procedures in order to weed out the Pat McGroins. But the usual method to counter this is to engage the brain and think for a short second before speaking. And that is exactly what we are fighting against!

“People tune in to get unfiltered stream of consciousness rants from hosts they are dimly familiar with because they saw them on Question Time once.

“People like our brand new subscriber, Ihave Atinycock.”

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