Nicola Sturgeon refuses to accept result of Czech Republic vs Scotland match

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Nicola Sturgeon believes the result of the Czech Republic vs Scotland game was ‘wrong’ and will fight for it to be overturned.

The 2-0 defeat was the wrong result for Scotland, she said, and pledged to do everything in her power to reverse the scoreline no matter how long it takes.

Reports indicate she has already made a succession of calls to Senior UEFA and FIFA officials to seek their support in changing the outcome.

If she cannot get the result changed by conventional methods, Sturgeon confirmed she has not taken demanding a replay off the table.

“I don’t believe this result is in the best interest of Scotland, or of football, and it is clear that changing it would be entirely fair,” she told reporters at Holyrood.

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“Scotland were told we could be in the European championships, and if we’re knocked out that’s grounds for the entire tournament to be re-run again and again.

“UEFA’s position that the result is binding just because we lost is short-termist and doesn’t serve the Scottish people in the way they deserve.”

Sturgeon went on to say she believed the English had stolen literally dozens of goals that were rightfully Scottish, and she would organise a wide-ranging consultation and enquiry to examine all aspects of the result and report on how the result can best be changed in Scotland’s favour.

Meanwhile, today’s copy of The National newspaper is reporting that Scotland won 18-0 before burning Wembley to the ground.