‘Of course I HAVE to watch the Austria v North Macedonia game’ insists man making plans with his wife

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A man making plans with his wife for the weekend has insisted today that he will definitely HAVE to watch the Austria v North Macedonia game in the Euros, as it is a very important game.

Simon Williams, who also says he can’t really miss the game between Denmark and Finland, and pretty much every other game in the tournament, revealed the news earlier to wife, Helen, whilst looking through the fixture list and planning his daily viewing for the next four weeks.

Speaking earlier, whilst sorting out his Euro fantasy team he told us, “Big game Austria v North Macedonia, could decide the group that one, so I can’t miss that.

“I know the wife is trying to make some plans for the next few weeks, to possibly leave the house, and maybe visit some family, but there are some really important games coming up, and there’s just no way I can miss them.

“Obviously I’ll have to watch all the England games, and Wales, and Scotland ones, and you can’t miss anything where France play as they are a quality team, and Belgium, Spain and Portugal. And I really want to see how Germany do too.

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“But then some of the so-called smaller teams could really show up and make something happen here, so I’ll need to check them out too, in every single game.”

Asked if he could maybe spare just a couple of hours next Thursday evening, to take his wife out for her birthday he told us, “Netherlands v Austria innit mate. Otherwise I definitely would.”