Furious Piers Morgan slams Baby Lillibet for ‘unladylike, un-royal’ behaviour

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An incandescent Piers Morgan has launched a furious attack on Harry and Meghan’s baby daughter Lilibet for her ‘unladylike, un-royal’ behaviour after reports that she is largely spending her time crying, soiling herself and occasionally being a bit sick.

“I think she’s disgusting, to be honest,” explained Morgan.

“She’s unladylike, she’s un-royal. I mean, just lying their crying and soiling herself? It’s simply not what you’d expect from a member of the Royal Family. Imagine if Prince Phillip had just spent his life lying on his back crying and soiling himself. He’d have been a laughing stock, and rightly so.

“But he didn’t. He was a man of action, of duty, and dedication. If he soiled himself, he got up and got on with it. This so-called Baby Lilibet would do well to take a leaf out of his book and smarten herself up.

“I just wonder what the Queen must make of it all. After a lifetime of selfless, dedicated service and asking for nothing other than £97m a year in return and how is she rewarded? With a great-granddaughter who seems to be having a permanent tantrum. She’s a disgrace, frankly.”

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He also took the opportunity to launch a new broadside at Lilibet’s mother Meghan.

“She’s a wanker as well.”

It is currently unknown why Morgan has taken such a dislike to Meghan, who has different coloured skin to him and is a woman.