Harry and Meghan did not consult Diana Ross about ‘Diana’ name

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New parents and complete bastards Harry and Meghan did not consult Diana Ross over the use of the name Diana for their new daughter, it has emerged.

“When the Sussexes announced the birth of their daughter, naturally, Ms Ross was very happy for them, but she was a little surprised that she hadn’t been consulted about the use of her name,” said a spokesperson for the former Supreme and USA national soccer team penalty taker.

The snub was revealed on the front page of the Sun by the headline ‘STOP! That’s my name, you mugs’ alongside a story about how awful the couple are.

Happily, Piers Morgan was on hand to weigh in with his opinion on the matter.

“Diana Ross’s songs Endless Love and Simply the Best mean everything to me. Everything. So, when I think how Meghan casually just stole her name without even asking it makes me sick to my stomach. I can only hope the police will arrest her and throw away the key.

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“After they’ve locked the door, obviously.”

The couple have attempted to rise above the controversy, claiming that everyone involved in the name was consulted before the announcement but, knowing what they’re like, that’s probably a massive lie.