Thursday 10 June 2021 by Mark Molloy

Brewdog release new ‘Stop Complaining or You’re F*cking Sacked’ IPA

Brewdog release new IPA

Brewdog has released a new beer entitled ‘Stop Complaining or You’re Fucking Sacked’ today as part of their new campaign to address staff morale.

With news emerging earlier of an open letter to Brewdog from former employees alleging a culture of fear within the beer firm including a ‘toxic attitude’ to junior employees, bosses at the brewery have responded with news of a brand new release specifically aimed at addressing the issue called Stop Complaining or You’re Fucking Sacked IPA 5.6%abv”

Founder James Watt revealed, “We hear you, crewmates. We heard some of our valuable staff were not happy, and we want to do something about it.

“That’s why we are using this opportunity to release a brand new IPA in order to show our former employees that we care about their problems, and to remind current employees of how we want them to behave.

“It’s called – Stop Complaining or You’re Fucking Sacked. Or SCOYFS for short, and it’s pretty punchy, and also, you’ve guessed it, really really expensive.

“We just want people to know, that we take employee welfare very seriously, obviously not as seriously as making money though, that’s why we decided to just make more beer, and hope nobody notices.”

Asked if the actual name of the new beer carries an underlying message for current employees who may be considering raising any issues he told us “What? Who said that? Give me their name now.”

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