Woman who says she hates drama clearly doesn’t mean her own

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A woman who says she hates it when people start shit and stir things up clearly isn’t including herself in that statement, it has emerged.

41-year-old Simone Williams posted to Facebook clearly expressing her disdain for ‘drama and people what start it’ leading to friends wondering who the hell she might be talking about if it’s not herself.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love Simone to bits but fuck me,” a friend told us under the condition of anonymity because it’s not worth the hassle.

“Her going round bitching that other people start drama is like the sea making passive-aggressive posts about other things being wet.

“Her life is an endless carousel of arguments, accusations, drunken and tearful reconciliations and hopelessly inappropriate men who she’ll defend to the death until the next one arrives in two weeks time.

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“For Christ’s sake don’t tell her I said this. It’ll be all over her Facebook what a bitch ‘some people’ are if you do.”