Tuesday 8 June 2021 by Arabin Patson

Marxism replaces Orwellian as dimwits’ favourite term to chuck around without having faintest idea what it means

Marxist replaces orwellian

Linguists have confirmed the commonly held suspicion that turnip-shaped bigots and other Talk Radio employees now prefer to label things that get their spittle flying as ‘Marxist’ instead of ‘Orwellian’ although they still know bugger all about either term.

Professor Simon Williams, from Croydon University’s Cuntish Linguistics department, said that his team was confident that encounters with absolute berks were much more likely to see your pride flag post accused of bolshevism than being something from 1984.

“Although we saw the trend back in 2019, COVID gave Orwellian a second wind as morons decided that unobtrusive public health measures were straight out of a dystopian novel they have never read and never will.

“But as people come out of lockdown, we’re seeing a huge boost to cretinous links between 15-second gestures of solidarity with victims of racism and the planned seizure by the proletariat of all means of production in the aim of creating a classless society.

“Our preliminary research shows us that those who accuse Marcus Rashford of creating the FA’s Comintern are also convinced that communism is something about drill singers mocking the Queen. Or that it occurs when the magistrate grants their ex-wife a restraining order.”

Although expected to be the most misused word by imbeciles, Marxism was not the only term that could have taken over from Orwellian.

Also in the running was the verb ‘lecturing’ to denote a former royal telling a personal story on Oprah and ‘no-go area’ to define a place where a Daily Mail journalist got scared after hearing Asian schoolchildren laughing.

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