“Booing the knee isn’t racist” insist racists

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England fans booing players taking the knee in a stand against racism definitely are not racists, according to reports this morning.

England football players, and indeed most players from other international teams, have been taking the knee before the start of matches, with sections of the crowd booing the gesture.

“Not because we’re racists though,” insisted Simon Williams, a 32 year-old England fan who blacks up “a lot less than he used to”.

“We just don’t want any politics in the game,” insisted Williams, who attended a protest against the recently proposed super league.

“Oh that? No no, that wasn’t me taking a political stance, that was… that was… I’m confused… I hate the knee though… can I leave?”

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England reserve player, Jay Cooper, said, “It’s funny, fans bring banners complaining about club management or ownership all the time.

“That’s fine, but taking a stand against racism apparently isn’t.

“It’s good to see some of our fans have their priorities in order.”