Absolute bellend makes small child complete crazy golf scorecard accurately

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A twat is forcing his six-year-old son to score his mini-golf round correctly.

The sun is out, venues are opening up and crazy golf courses everywhere have massive queues because idiots are making their children play ‘properly’, despite the fact they’ve never held a club before.

“Sport teaches children about the importance of rules and compliance; about working hard and respecting the efforts of other,” said father and bellend Simon Williams.

“It’s about doing things properly.

“Dino Golf is no different, as I was keen to teach my six-year-old son Jake.

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“Some will say, ‘Ooh, but it’s just a bit of fun.’ But think about it for a minute.

“Is it fair on other players – like me – to ignore shots that drop out of bounds?

“Is it a valuable life lesson to tell a child, ‘You didn’t do that well but it doesn’t matter’?

“And is it really fair to just move on to the next hole simply because you’ve been on the same one for twenty minutes and there’s a huge backlog of players behind you?

“Sure, Jake may have left the course screaming, ‘I hate you! I wish I was in school!’ but he’ll thank me later in life when he won’t expect to pass an exam if hasn’t done any revision.

“And now Jake has something to aim for the next time he goes – can he beat his personal best of 637 over par?”

Jake said, “I’m never doing that again. Dad has taught me that failure is inevitable and that it’s not worth trying to achieve anything.

“Although I did like it when Dad said he had a bogey – that was funny.”